Primrose the Premature Baby Donkey Has Help

Hello Baby Animal Zoo lovers, we have a special little news story for you, complete with video and cute photos to melt your heart. You’re looking at Primrose, an adorable baby donkey foal brought into this world just a little too early. Luckily for Primrose, her mom and baby animal lovers everywhere, she was born in Bind Equine Veterinary Practice in Bridgnorth, Shropshire in the United Kingdom where they were prepared to take care of just such an abnormality. See this baby donkey is so young and undeveloped that her legs don’t fully function yet, and require careful setting so that her bones and muscles can develop properly. If left like this in the wild, there is a good chance little Primrose wouldn’t live very long. But thanks to careful medical attention and a pair of adorable pink casts, little Primrose has a chance to gain some strength and will grow up big and strong so she can carry out her donkey duties and donkey business like every young foal longs to do. Three cheers for the Bind Equine Vets and donkeys.

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