Baby Otters: One Of The Cutest Creatures On Land And Sea

An otter is any one of twelve species of semi-aquatic or aquatic mammals who are known for their playful nature (otters have been observed wrestling and frolicking for no reason other than sheer enjoyment) and for their extremely cute babies; the babies are known as pups, whelps, or kits. Otter pups are born after about 60 t0 86 days of gestation, and stay with their family, learning to survive, for about one year. During their time with their family, pups are raised by not just their mother and father, but by their siblings as well, giving them a familial structure very similar to humans. Most species of otter spend their entire lives living near water, entering to hunt, swim etc. However, sea otters spend almost their entire lives in the water, and this results in their exhibiting one of the most adorable behaviors in the entire animal kingdom. You see, in order to prevent themselves from floating away while they sleep, sea otters will “hold hands”, linking their paws together to combat the current.

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