Baby Ligers!

Alright folks, we’ve shown you some photos in the past of the elusive tigon (or tiglon), a breed of cat that only exists in captivity when a male tiger breeds with a lioness. Well now we’d like to show you what happens when a male lion and a female tiger decide to bring their own bundle of furry joy into the world, you get a baby liger! That adorable little guy will someday grow up to be the largest species of cat in the world, as ligers traditionally grow to around ten feet in length and over seven hundred pounds in weight. The largest in the world is named Hercules, and he weighs almost a thousand pounds! Ligers of all ages love to swim (just like tigers), and are very social (just like lions); they have long life spans that see them routinely live between fifteen and twenty years. They often have both a tiger’s stripes, and the faint spots of baby lions, giving them an adorable fur pattern. Because zoos often keep lions and tigers separate (like they are in nature, where their habitats never overlap), ligers are a rare occurrence so take in all the cuteness of these big headed babies, because you don’t get to see them too often.

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